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2017-08-10, 12:30
This man saved my life!
2017-07-29, 17:00
Thank you so much paul on behave of my daughter.She doesn't know I'm posting this but your talk was so beneficial to her.
The thing is her big brother has had issues with drugs and the crimes that go with it. She has suffered as we all have as a family.She said it upset her and she related to the things you talked about but it also made her not feel so isolated and to understand why her brother had been like he has.
Keep up the good work and all the best to you
maisey and amine
2017-07-03, 09:37
your story is changing lives and your daughter will be proud of you! carry on doing what youre doing! i was left speechless by your story...
2017-06-21, 10:20
Paul came to the cavendish school today and his story was amazing
Simon Hanley
2017-05-15, 20:06
You spoke at my sons school today ( Reach Academy), we discussed your talk tonight and I would like to thank you for providing such an honest reflection of addiction. Keep up the good work
2017-03-31, 22:06
Thankyou so much for visiting the Positive Futures project at Newport Live on Thursday.
Fantastic talk ! a very moving and educational story that everyone in the room could learn from.
2017-03-13, 08:29
no drugs friends
2017-03-04, 18:58
Speech was very good, very well done to what you are doing. :)
2017-02-13, 17:50
Hi Paul
Thank you for coming to share in our year 10 day today. Your talk was inspirational and students were fully engaged throughout your 2 sessions. Thank you for sharing your story - keep up the good work
2017-02-03, 14:28
Paul's talk was absolutely amazing. He really alluded to the consequence of drug use, and I feel that everyone present could really understand how being a member of a gang is just not worth it. I would definitely recommend Paul to other schools. You will truly gain a lot from him and his story.
2017-01-18, 12:05
It was very informative and really got the point across about what drugs do to people and those around them. Thanks for the talk!
2017-01-13, 14:08
Thank you for coming to my school it was very interesting
2016-04-27, 10:59
Excellent workshop. All my 16-18 year-old students were very impressed with your life story and knowledge about tackling drugs and crime. Highly recommended.
2016-04-25, 16:16
Thanks sooooo much Paul for coming to our school, it was great to here about all of the dangers of drugs and gangs from someone who experienced everything, instead of being told by a teacher or video. The talk was amazing and very inspirational, thanks ^-^ xxx.
2016-04-22, 19:04
Amazing talk today about knifes and drugs, great that you got your life back together. Inspirational talk hope you can keep inspiring people for years to come!
2016-04-22, 14:53
you came to our school today and I can truly say your an amazing man. It's so inpiring to see how much someone can changed, never will drugs ever be an option for me now, so Thankyou. You should really consider writing a book, I would defiantly buy it
2016-04-14, 15:43
Thank you helped some in our year to think about life choices and get help
2016-03-11, 11:01
Hi Paul you have made me think about my life thank you
2016-03-10, 20:54
Paul today you visited Moulsham High School year 10.
My son has come home thus evening telling me all about your life story and how drugs started you on a down hill in the beginning of your life.
I asked him a few questions to see if he truly took it what you was saying/getting at and he replied the right grown up answers.
Thank you, my son hopefully to say NO to drugs and crime
2016-03-09, 17:59
Best talk about drugs and knife crime I've ever had what a inspirational man if u haven't already then defiantly talk to Paul great talk today (9:3:16) chloe plume yr8
2016-03-09, 15:26
Paul came to plume school today and how he shows you what drugs done to him and what gangs do it really makes you realise how bad they are thank you Paul
Samuel Wade
2016-02-29, 18:11
Thanks for an awesome talk today. Highly inspirational. It was great to hear your story of how you were involved in drugs for about 30 years! Keep up the good work!
Paul Hannford
2015-12-28, 11:40
thanks for all the support guys
2015-12-09, 16:29
Amazing speech
2015-12-02, 17:24
An amazing and inspiring talk, opened many peoples eyes to the dangers and effects that drugs can have on you.
2015-11-16, 17:55
I mam stunned . and I am proud that you cleaned your act up and you care about the future generation thank u paul( mia from bower park ) yr 8
2015-11-06, 14:26
Came to Emerson Park Academy today. And the area I live in is full of temptation towards drugs. Every corner you turn in Harold Hill someone might ask you for a joint. I appreciate the talk today, Paul. Thanks alot
Mrs Amanda Treherne
2015-10-05, 22:30
Thanks for the fantastic workshop you put on today at Shoeburyness High School. The pupils gave positive feedback and said you are an inspiration for them to aspire to lead full lives and leave drugs and crime alone. We will be booking you again.
2015-10-05, 18:05
best talk ever we have learnt more about drugs and what the efects are & thanks for coming to shebruy
2015-09-23, 21:01
Very overwhelming and mind blowing honest story told by an inspirational man. thank you so much, so many drug talkers have come in to school but yours was by far the best!! Glad everything is ok
2015-09-23, 11:50
An inspirational talk which really opened my eyes! Such a sick talk! Cheerrs mate :)
2015-07-22, 11:28
Best talk ever we have had loads of gang & drug talks but your was mind blowing everyone said so & thanks for coming into our school last week I've followed you on Instagram follow back lol
2015-07-01, 20:24
today was amazing,i learnt something
new your an inspiration to
young children
Charlie drake
2015-05-10, 11:25
Thanks for the talk Paul it was best talk we ever had different league mate keep up great work. #respect
2015-04-25, 14:23
Hi! I'm a 16 year old female from Manchester, you're really an inspiration. Though you haven't spoken at my previous school/ college, I am still greatly impacted by your story and hope to see you in person at some point. Your story helps to shed light on the brutal reality of drug use and how it can destroy a bright young man/ woman's life and for that I am grateful. But most importantly- hats off to you for managing to establish a relationship with your beautiful daughter and being there for her- she now has the best role model a girl can have- a father... Keep it up, Paul!
2015-04-18, 16:45
Wow Paul, you were engaging and interesting. Thank you for talking to us at school. Drug talks are rarely interesting, but your was. You were really informative, probably changing lives for the better.
Thank you.
2015-04-18, 10:24
By far the best talk I have ever seen, at first I thought you was going to say the usual and repeat the expression "drugs are bad" but after the first 5 minutes I could tell, everyone could tell your story was genuine and defiantly touched a lot of people. I thought I was going to go in to your talk and be all cocky because most people at my school know me for doing drugs in year 10 and I kind of had to go with it because not a lot of people from my school had done anything before and I felt "cool" or "different" but listening to the start of your story shocked me as it was close to mine I was always a nice boy in primary and the start of secondary but i started to smoke weed before school, after the first pull I took I loved it the feeling was amazing so I started doing it after school everyday. However the weed I was getting was sprayed with lots of chemicals that in the long run has messed with my head a bit. After the first month of smoking weed I was bunking school coming in late and sleeping in classes which destroyed my education. However my mum ended up catching me and I was taken home and wasn't aloud out of my house for months at first I hated my mum for doing this but now I am glad she did as my mind back then was open to doing other drugs such as speed and Coke luckily enough I didn't do it. However it effected my friend even worse. His dad didn't care about the drugs and he is now smoking heroin, taking coke, on Valium and other benzos and drugs to help you get off of heroin like buponorphine. He can not go a day with out these drugs but in his mind he is still living the dream and not a "druggie". I haven't heard from him in ages and I hope he's alright but after your speech i know what life he is going to end up having. I can tell if my mum hadn't have caught me I would have gone down that path to.I haven't done anything in ages except smoke which after your speech at kemnal I'm stopping now.I hope you go on to save many lives, hopefully will see you again. As for the weed affecting me the chemicals have messed with my head that it was sprayed with and I now have derealization which has affected my life in a huge way and was not worth smoking weed.
2015-04-13, 05:13
Hi Paul I see you in romford the other day not sure if it was you ! But just wanted to say thanks for coming to my school last year and giving us the best lesson ever on why not to do drugs or go to gangs, as all the other lessons and people that have come in we're just boring so keep up your amazing work and I'll never forget it.
2015-03-21, 15:46
Your story was brutal and them pic of your legs scared us all but in a good way as it showed us how bad drugs are and I hope your legs get better and you carry on helping thousands of other kids all over the country aware of all them bad choices you made you are a real life hero and hope to see you when I'm in secondary school.
PC beazley
2015-03-17, 22:26
I've never in all my 17 years in the police heard a truly open and honest and brutal account of someone's life. He truly is an inspiration and have the utmost respect for someone like paul. His work invaluable, long may it continue. Fantastic bloke
2015-03-08, 14:05
You visited my school in Bungay last year, but I have not forgotten the incredible talk you gave. It was truly the most inspirational story I have ever heard in my life. It is simply amazing how you turned your life around and are now successfully open the eyes of people from all different walks of life. Not only on behalf of myself, but from everyone who has met you,
Thank you.
2015-02-26, 20:07
Man u r such a Don
2015-02-26, 11:22
Best talk ever mind blowing changed my whole view on drugs gangs and crime. Thanks Paul.
2015-02-25, 17:01
Paul u r amazing I had u in year 5 and now in year 7 I'm so glad I saw u again to help remind me about all of that stuff I hope u can go to every primary or secondary skl to help everyone because they NEED to hear ur story get well soon OLIVIA
Ben Claughan
2015-02-23, 14:59
Your talk today at Billericay Sixth Form was very eye opening, such an amazing story. Big thanks for coming in. You were the topic of the day!
2015-02-13, 08:36
you are a inspiration to others you really have opened many peoples eyes. thankkksss alot for coming to langdon park school 12/02/15{your old secondary school}
2015-02-11, 12:08
Paul, You may or may not remember me. But if you do I just came to say a lot has happened in my life. Bad things...But obviously I will be contacting you soon (mobile)

I was from the cricket tournament about 4 years ago! :D I know right it was a long time but I really did change my life around joining gangs. And stuff.

Like I said before you have thousands of young adults find the right path to success including me. You haven't visited my school yet ;'( But I am asking my head teacher soon!.

Another thing, is that well this quote will explain it all.

"Everything happens for a reason"

That means, well what happened to you I am not saying it is a bad thing BUT I think it all happened so you called help other people like you do.

Thank you for the speech. I do hope my friends can hear the speech. Some of them smoke cannabis or drugs.

I don't accept it because I don't want my life ruined.

Sorry for the long...post

-Byron (peace)
2015-02-07, 06:39
My daughter heard you speaking today. It touched her heart. I am sorry for your pain, but I am thankful you are here to share your pain and your happiness of your journey.
2015-02-03, 22:36
the only word that I can think of to describe Paul's visit is inspirational
Liam Davis
2015-01-30, 14:00
We've booked Paul for two years running to speak to our college students. I would urge any teaching or staff responsible for PHSE/Enrichment to do the same. Paul's talks offer an insight into the real world of drugs, gangs and violence that you just can't teach from a book. The talks are gritty, graphic and provide the shock factor that helps to break down the bravado we often get when we deliver our generic drugs talks to older teens
2015-01-16, 14:56
Paul came to my schooland every single person listened to a word you said, thank you so much for sharing your story, xxx
2014-12-12, 17:50
Paul came to my school today for a drug workshop, I have never taken an interest in drug talks by the school before but this was different. I listened, everyone listened, not one person didn't think about what he said. Such an emotional and hard hitting story, I am very lucky to have experienced this today. All I can say is thank you :)
2014-11-14, 19:18
hi paul i am from the chafford school that you talked to today i found your story so shocking and it will make sure i never take drugs
2014-10-27, 10:36
Best talk we have ever had by a million miles and we have had many over the past few years at my school from ex drug addicts and gang members so from all of us at Chaffords thanks for the the fantastic workshop,2 weeks ago will never forget it.
Jas h
2014-10-09, 21:12
Had such an amazing day thank you for coming to blackfen
Sarah Cascarino
2014-10-09, 14:18
Paul was so honest about his mistakes wrong chances and sad consequences.
The girls were crying and so was I. All schools should hear Paul speak. It could make all the difference.
harry jordan
2014-09-26, 09:35
Hi Paul you did a talk on thursday at my school and i wanted to say thank you

your stoy was boh emotinal and power it has made me change myself with addicion so thank you
2014-09-05, 19:51
Paul arrived at my school to we had 3 days of talks all so boring, but Paul made every one listen. No one talked or texted for the whole hour and a bit. seriously nice guy. I walked into the talk being oblivious to the things that are connected to drugs I have been smoking weed for about 4 years with a mixture of other things but it really made me stop and think. And when he says he would always reply to him if you message him. I though yer yer. But he actually did and has helped me through a tricky situation. Cheers Ollie
Justin Beattie
2014-09-05, 11:42
Hi Paul. It was great having you on Watford Hospital Radio the other day, talking to you about your life and the work you do now with kids all over the country. I hope that anyone responsible for the welfare of children that hears the interview picks up the phone and gets you to come in and give a talk. Keep up the inspirational work, mate.
2014-08-08, 13:46
Wow that workshop was bar far the best talk we have ever had on drugs & knife Crime at first I thought it would be like the ones we usually get but after seeing all you wounds and hearing you life story it has shocked us all and you have really woken us all up. big big thanks Danny from the kicks tournament.
2014-08-08, 11:34
Hi Paul rob from the st.george's park kicks comp that talk you gave us was mind blowing and has woken us all up to the dangers of drugs gangs & knife crime I had a friend who got into all this and now his life is ruined ! For me and many others the day was brilliant but your workshop topped it. Thanks once again rob.
2014-07-18, 12:20
The speech by Paul was so moving and inspirational. I have never seen the school stunned into such silence. It was a real wake up call about the dangers of drugs. I have never been inspired so much, and I don't think I will ever be inspired so much forn the rest of my life.
2014-07-17, 11:47
Paul, that was an amazing talk yesterday in Leigh Park, it was so eye opening, honest and emotional. you certainly are giving back to the community, thank you for the experience and keep up the fab work xxx
Vicki, Woodlands School
2014-07-16, 14:19
Thankyou so much for coming in and talking to our students today Paul. Your life story was facinating and very hard hitting, something that the students will never forget. Keep up the good work!
Charlie and Samantha
2014-07-04, 10:55
Omg your speech really inspired us and there has been loads of talks about what we should do and not do in the future but yours has been the one that really touched us and your speech has been the only one that's made us both cry so keep doing what your doing because its really working, thank youuuuu!!!!
2014-06-24, 19:50
Your speech was great and really enlightened me about drugs
2014-06-18, 20:30
Hi Paul just wanted to thank you for your honest and inspirational talk you gave at my daughters school today at Brentwood Ursuline. My daughter was very moved and emotional by your speech and hope that if ever she finds herself in that situation your advice will be etched firmly on her brain. Can't thank you enough! Well Done for all the good work you do in our schools.
From a mother
2014-06-13, 22:13
You have played a part and have been a back up for me in the drug and alcohole awareness, Thank you x
2014-06-03, 21:40
I thought I knew everything there was to know about the consequences and the affects of drug abuse and gang life, but your talk really opened my eyes and really made me think, thank you so much, your story is such an inspiration to me. X
2014-06-03, 21:19
Thank you for coming to bungay high it was great hearing you talk about what you have gone though like to speak to you again soon
2014-06-03, 11:33
Thank you for your talk today it was so moving and good luck for the future. you are such an inspiration.
Ben Snowling & Henry Barnes (Bungay high school)

( ps: hope your legs heal up well )
meghan and liv
2014-06-03, 09:49
thank you so much for the talk today. it really made us realise that this could happen to anyone at any time. your story was so eye opening. thanks again it was realy good. bungay high.
Karen Staines
2014-05-12, 17:51
Hi Paul
Thank you so much for coming to St Neots to speak to some of our young people and different agencies that work with young people in this area. I have had many comments since Friday about how good you are to share your life story with people. It couldn't have been easy for you to relive the things that you have done in your life. I truly believe that all schools and colleges should invite you to speak to their pupils on a regular basis. These young people need to understand the dangers their lives could be in if they start to take drugs and get involved with crime. You truly are an inspiration and I am so pleased that I arranged for you to come up to St Neots to speak to us all. Thanks again Paul. Keep up the good work!!
Regards Karen
2014-05-12, 17:45
Thankyou for coming on Friday 9th May 2014 .. It was a very emotional experince to have to listen to that ... Ive learnt a lot about drugs and the affects ... And i love you air forces :) .... Would be lovely to see you again
2014-05-12, 17:30
Paul you talk was fantastic and very very truthful, amazing how you have been through it all and have come out on the other side and are truly helping others learn from your mistakes, I don't think that all the people you talk to will listen sadly but for the people that do listen it will be a great help, thank you so much for the talk I don't even do any drugs and it certainly opened my eyes fantastic keep up the good work :)
2014-05-12, 17:29
Very shocking, a total wake-up call. Never touching heroin for as long as I live, no matter how good they make it sound. Paul Hannaford is a seriously inspiring chap.
2014-05-12, 17:27
thanks for the speech really made me think about my future
2014-05-09, 06:32
Hi Paul, i just wanted to say thank you for coming junto our school yesterday and telling us your life story it was really interesting and will always stick in my mind that workshop really had an effect on my awareness of drugs more than any workshop in have ad before and will have in the future thanks :)
Jada Apraku
2014-04-03, 18:35
Paul Hannaford is such an inspirational person, thank you for coming to Sanders School (03/04/14). You had such a hard life but you got through it all and your still going strong! Makes me think a lot about my future! #muchlove #thankyou #inspiration #drugawareness xxx
2014-04-02, 16:28
thanks so much paul, i have so much respect for you now that you have turned your life around. your doing such a good job by going round the schools and educating young people on the many dangers of drugs. your talk was so eye opening, thanks again.
2014-03-09, 11:16
you taught me that if i let go of the past, the past will let go of me and i can move on and better myself -thank you so much you've put me on track to be the best me i can be; i can't thank you enough.x
2014-03-09, 11:11
Buy 1 million miles the best workshop we have ever had and trust we have had loads of knife crime and drugs talks Paul your a legend.
2014-03-03, 09:11
Hello Paul just wana say that talk last week at the football night was the best talk we have ever had as heard lots of talks before from ex druggies and gang people but yours was in a different class big respect to you.
2014-02-20, 12:44
Wow what can I say that talk you gave us hard to listen to at times but you certainly got the message across and it has woke us all up and made us fully aware of the dangers of drugs & knife crime thank you very much and good luck with all your other talks.
2014-02-20, 12:41
Hi Paul thanks for coming to our school last week. We thought it would just be another boring drugs talk but we was wrong it was mind blowing and the best talk we have ever had thank you so much :-)
2014-02-12, 19:29
You came to Longsands academy this week and my friend in year 11 said how inspiring you talk was. i have just watched the video on your website and it is amazing how you have turned you life around. i am only in year 8 but you life story was truly inspiring. You are amazing Paul!!!!!!
2014-02-11, 21:29
Paul came to my school today and he has honestly made such a big impact on my life because of his talk! We have never had a drugs talk as useful as that before, it changed my attitude for sure! I am so happy that we had this talk as it's really opened my eyes to the dangers out there and made me think twice about making bad decisions! I wish paul all the best in his journey towards helping stop drug use!
Jack Button
2014-02-11, 19:10
Thanks Paul for coming in to our school it was a real eye opener thanks man you made me realize how important family are thanks.
2014-02-07, 15:18
Thanks for coming to our school today your story was truly inspirational and captivating. So much respect for what are doing. Xx
2014-01-30, 14:43
Hello Paul wow what can I say I could not believe someone could go through all what you did and still be alive you talk shocked my whole year and I've never seen them so quite lol thanks for your time Alfie
2014-01-30, 14:40
Thanks for coming to our school last week and telling us the dangers of gangs drugs & knife crime as its the best talk our school as ever had be miles
2013-12-12, 12:17
AWESOME LIFE STORY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-12-12, 12:16
amazing speech, paul, a true inspiration
and I am glad that you have been able to turn your life around
usain bolt
2013-12-12, 12:14
im great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-12-12, 12:13
truly inspiring story more schools should hear it even though the pictures are disgusting!!!!! LOL!!!
kayla cayzer
2013-12-12, 11:13
paul , your life story is so upsetting. nice to hear you spend your Saturdays with your daughter. ill never go near drugs or take them , but you story has made me never go near them or take them , thanks paul for today x
Kayla Cayzer
2013-12-12, 11:11
paul, your life story is so upsetting.
im glad your spending Saturdays with your daughter:) . I will never take drugs but your story made me go no where near them . thanks paul x
2013-11-05, 07:43
""hope your legs are ok, you are such an inspiration you have changed your life completely-my brother is 16 and going through the same as you did, im just hopeing hes changed his mind about gangs drugs and violance, i dont want to loose him, thankyou."
2013-11-05, 07:37
" "I thought your speech was incredible and I want to say thank you for what you're doing, not only for me, but for thousands of other people. You really are inspiring and I will never, forget what you said. I only hope that more people will hear your story. I really admire you and once again, Thank You."
Fatima Dar
2013-10-25, 15:23
LOVED hearing about your life story, touched my heart, you are a great person.
2013-10-24, 11:30
"Fantastic!!!!! Your 40 minute talk was so touching and an eye opener. Carry on the great work. Your saving lives without knowing. Your daughter must be very proud of you and i'm sure so are many parents who's childrens lives you have saved. One day I hope for my children to meet you and get the opportunity to hear what I did yesterday."
Morgan warburton
2013-10-23, 07:29
I have so much respect for you Paul your story made me cry I asked you that question because something about that question meant something to me I have so much respect for you x
2013-10-23, 07:12
"I think you are an inspiration to everyone. Before this i never touched drugs and after this i defo won't because the things this man has been through i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. i think everyone needs to hear your message so less people get hooked. thank you for coming to our school"
George roman
2013-10-23, 07:11
"Paul, where can i start? your speech was so inspiring its unreal! You made so many people realise what effects drugs has on yourself and the others around you. Your a truly inspirational man, and someone who is determined to change their life around for the best! Your a true hero in my eyes!
2013-10-23, 07:03
" "hello Paul your story was interesting and it was also touching and no one wants to ever take drugs and as for from your legs every one kept walking out and they felt sick and i was really glad that you came and told us your life story with gangs and knife carrying and your a real life hero thanks Chantelle (-: "
2013-10-22, 17:27
i loved hearing about your life and i think you are a great person
Tez Cox Doorman
2013-10-17, 12:43
Touching life's

When u look at what Paul gone through in life and where you are today, how many people care or want to help others out ? Not many i tell you.

When I look at The work you do paul is so inspirational
what an amazing new web site you now got up

The hearts and souls you touch daily are rewards just in there self,

Its so Easy to get in a Gang
Before you know it your doing crime & taking Drugs, To be like your mates. Do really want LIFE like that.

I thank God paul alive today, reading the story's from you all are amazing You're seen the life's he's touched so far and the life's he's going to touch, I know Paul always wanted to be Fireman but because of he's life style he's dream never happen, Think before you Do Drugs / Do Crime / or join a Gang...
Oliver smith
2013-10-17, 10:15
" "Thanks for coming into our school, it was amazing. The speech you made was absolutely incredibly captivating and was far better than any play or production that could have been shown to educate about drugs. You are the best speaker i have ever heard in my life and i believe that everyone was enthrawled in your speech. Your story was incredible and i hope it will inspire others in my school to do great things. I congratulate you on recovering from all that you have done and has happened to you with your legs ect and i have the upmost respect for you. LEGEND !""
2013-10-16, 15:29
"Hello Paul, thanks for using your free time to discuss your past issues with drugs. It was very interesting and i'm sure if the world knew your story, they wouldn't even think of looking at drugs let alone taking them. I respect that you have changed your life around and followed the right path of life. Good luck with your future. Thanks "
2013-10-16, 11:34
"Thanks for comming to our school last week it was by far the best drug and knife crime talk we have ever had & you have changed so many life's without even knowing it !! It was brilliant and won't be forgotten well done Paul. "
Beth Brooks
2013-10-16, 09:49
"Thank you for coming to visit my school at Kingsmead, it was really inspirational and your life story shocked me so much! It has really changed my opinions on drugs and how it can effect you. I think everyone loved it!"
Pia morency
2013-10-16, 09:46
"Thank you so much for coming to my school Kingsmead. I think everybody thought it was going to be another drug talk, but we all loved it. You're so inspirational and the talk of year 10. You've changed my perception on drugs and alcohol and how it can effect you. So much respect :-)"
2013-10-16, 09:43
"If you are reading this and are thinking of whether you should get this chap to come and talk to your kids, think no further, inspiring beyond belief, my son went in a kid and walked out a man. "
2013-10-15, 07:19
Hello Mr. Paul,
"thank you for coming in thonestly,you are an inspiration.your so brave to even talk about it in front of all of us.it brang a tear to my eye,and you even brang a tear to the boys eyes.that's something to be proud of haha.you should write a book on your life story,it would change a lot of peoples lives.even more than you have done now.I've learnt so much from you in the space of 40 minutes.your daughter must be so proud.keep up the good work and get writing a booook! :').
2013-10-15, 07:17
Hello Mr. Paul,

"Hi Paul Thank you so much for your talk today. Although slightly nauseating at some points, it was overall incredibly inspiring. Thanks so much."
2013-07-12, 13:27
Thank you for your advise!
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